About the Farm

We are Pele’s Island Plants, located on the slopes of Mauna Kea in the District of Ka’u, on the Big Island of Hawaii.  The farm is at the 2300′ elevation, giving us a perfect climate for many types of orchids.  Did I say we are a small farm?  We can give each plant the individual care and attention it needs to become a strong, thriving specimen.  The Garden is a reflection of a personal internal growth process for the plants and for us.

My husband Bob grows the Succulents and Cactus and builds the infrastructure.  I raise the orchids, thus, Phoenicia’s Orchids.  The farm has become a magical space of orchids and succulents everywhere.  Most orchid growers can NOT throw away an ailing orchid plant.  Most orchid growers acquire too many plants to take care of and still live a life.   In our case, they escaped from their pots, and with a little human help are happy in trees, on rocks and in the ground.

Visitors are welcome to visit and enjoy the Magic.  Please call for more information, fees and driving directions.



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