See the Roots

An Experiment Succeeds!

I’ve had trouble growing Grammatophyllums for many years thinking (blaming) my poor luck on the weather, the ongoing emissions from our Volcano, and my lack of skill or focus.  I was at an orchid society meeting with Roy Tokunaga of H&R Orchids as the speaker.  I saw his awarded plant covered with so many blooms that the plant disappeared.  He said his method stopped the inner bulbs from rotting, which had been my problem.  Following his method, I cut off ALL the roots from the bulbs; most were bad anyway.  I put the naked pseudobulb in a clean pot with rigid styrofoam chunks just to hold it in place.  I put the pots back on the bench and watered with everything else. After a few months I removed the styrofoam, a piece at a time.  I pulled this one out of the pot for the pix.   The new beautiful roots are growing to the pots with NO medium.  Now there is nothing to rot and the roots couldn’t be happier.  Give it a try.


See the roots.  Notice the green root tips

See the roots. Notice the green root tips


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